Chronology, COVID-19 and Racism Debate

We are living in the world of media age. Media, which is no more incident, fact or news driven, but a tool to propagate narratives. 

Left is still the most prominent ideology and owns the largest media houses across the world. Left ideology also deny national borders. Theoretically, ideologies denying national borders are great, but it comes with the price of national interests. With very few left leaned regimes left, the chances of interests of majority of the population overlooked is more. Also, most of the left regimes have imposed checks on free media. China being no exception.

The brotherhood of left ideology help each other in every way in every part of the world. The left hegemony debunk any other narratives or counter views, labelling them as negative.

Now look at the below chronology, the narrative twists from anti regime to pro racism, giving almost clean chit to the country, which killed the whistle blower, hid the details about world pandemic and blocking the discussions over the pandemic in UNSC. You can easily see the prominent media houses and their reporters focusing more on twisting the narrative and turning anything against China as negative.


  1. A virus, with unusual symptoms breaks out in China.
  2. China kept it to itself. Whistle blowers arrested. One disappeared, other dead.
  3. Things went out of control in couple of cities in China.,
  4. WHO after talking to Chinese officials, gave no travel advisory, because they were told, the virus don't get transmitted from human to human. WHO Tweet Link Screenshot, in case they delete the tweet 
  5. Few portals and news channels slammed China for hiding the truth. The whistle blower's death raised suspicions.
  6. News outbreaks outside China, tried to propagate about the virus. People started distancing from Chinese people.
  7. NOW, the anti-racism theory get pitched in. Chinese or asian looking people started campaign that they are not viruses, especially in Europe. 
  8. The accepting world, as usual, opened their arms. Hugging and kissing started in several cities of Europe. 
  9. Italy, Spain, France were hit hard, weeks later. They are still paying the price with human lives.  
  10. Social distancing from people from China was termed racist. One of the reasons the virus spread exponentially, was people trying to prove themselves anti-racist, which they already were. 
  11. Situation was by now out of control across the world.
  12. China feared isolation. So played another master stroke. Blamed USA, and tried to shift the blame.
  13. Trump, the USA president, as blunt as he is, retailated by calling virus a "Chinese" virus.
  14. He played into the trap, by calling virus as Chinese. Thou it was in retaliation to shrug off the blame put by Chinese on USA. 
  15. Ironically, some journalists and media houses called it Chinese earlier. But when Trump called it, it became racist remark. People are blaming the attack on Asians after Trump using the adjective. (CNN Tweet,
    Screenshot, incase it deletes)
  16. Now the focus from responsibility of virus and mess around the world shifted back to racism. Trump as usual paid no heed to the "racism" theory. 
  17. World, struggling with their own problems, and unable to handle the virus, paid no attention to racism debate. So Chinese regime started feeling the heat. It's mask diplomacy attracted very few takers. Faulty kits which were sold to few countries didn't helped either. 
  18. Weary China now tried to play sympathy card. What better than the competitor India?
  19. China along with WHO started praising India. India, which is doing good so far, but have not reached to an extent, where outside world should start praising India. Indians are yet to handle the pandemic successfully. But then Indians are emotional people.  And potential bait.
  20. Indian foreign minister was asked to help China by helping in not spreading the word "Chinese virus". Putting the racism debate differently. 
  21. Media, left ones, in USA, are still  questioning Trump more on Chinese remarks than Lockdown. Look at the number of articles and tweets by CNN alone.
  22. The people referring virus as Chinese are not referring it against chinese people. They are referring to Chinese regime, same as Xi JiPing's administration referenced USA. If blaming USA in the middle of crisis was not racist, why calling it Chinese is suddenly linked to racism? 
  23. China is now blocking the discussions on corona in UNSC.
  24. China is still hiding the details on virus.
USA has more races living in harmony than China. They don't need China's approval for racism or otherwise. But blaming the victim is habit of leftists.

The narratives are set to help Chinese regime to clear itself from the mess, once the pandemic is over. China will need the world as a market to sell its 3rd class products again. 

Every platforms are used to propagate usage of word "Chinese" as mark of racism and not as mark of the failures of a regime.

We must fail this narrative. Mention of Chinese word is important for world to remember what Chinese regime did to the world. If MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), Spanish Flu never attracted racism, then why does mention of Chinese? Spanish people are living around the world. Even Mexican people, speaking Spanish are referred as Spanish. Why not that is termed as racist? Why not MERS? No logical answer is available.

You will find a lot of articles and videos of left leaned media, where they are blaming Trump and targetting personal attacks on him over the preparation. Whereas none of these media services blame Xi Jinping for the harakiri. Forget personal attacks, they don't even take his name. At max, they mention China in their blame and the segment is kept too small. China is only questioned by small and independent media groups, who are insignificant.

WHO has not been questioned yet by the same media.  Some independent portals suggested possibilities of human to human transmission. It was ignored by WHO after their representatives visited China. The travel advisory was never given. In fact WHO never confirmed until 12th March, when it declared corona as pandemic and started cribbing about non cooperation of other world leaders.

What does WHO want? The countries as vast as India, USA or Canada close their country on mere speculations? They should have acted earlier, only if WHO has advised on time. WHO has actually helped China in creating the mess.

Ask yourself, if without WHO's advisory, your respective countries were closed, how have you reacted?

WHO also failed to get information from China, that how it was able to save two of its major cities from the virus which initiated in its own city. How lockdown of Wuhan and other cities saved Beijing and Shanghai to get infected but world got infected? If lockdown prevented China from getting infected, why world got infected?

Very wisely, any voice against chinese regime is portrayed as racism. There have been countries, whose regimes were eliminated from the world, because world feared they have biological weapons. Why not the irresponsible act by Chinese regime be punished by same world. Chinese regime, with this virus, has impacted economies and people more than world wars.

Poor people have been impacted hard. The pictures of whom are circulated and articles are written, by the same BBC and CNN. Amid lockdown, these buggers will catch some needy and click them to win awards later. Whereas their masters have created the mess, they utter no words against them. Ironically, two sections of media houses pose themselves anti lockdown and pro lockdown. Confusing the mass, so that law and order is created.

If we fail to show China, where it stands, after creating this pandemic, it will be because the left lean media is successful in propagting the narrative.

One must stand by Chinese People, but attributing the virus as "Chinese" virus is not being racist. 


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