Has Indian Media Repeated 26/11?

Has the Indian media repeated the mistake done during 26/11?

By letting enthusiasm take over sense, yes.

They were unapologetic about 26/11 reporting, endangering several lives, eventually responsible for many deaths.

The over enthusiasm of low quality Indian media, were enthusiastic to show some migrants worker, basically unaware of the situation, just to score some brownie points. Instead of educating them and making them aware, they used them as a bait to attract more and more such people. The media was kept outside lockdown for a reason.  It failed to understand it. 

Being an idiot cannot be an excuse for putting several lives in danger. They have created a situation, where the number of patients may overrun isolation beds. Because of the patients created by this harakiri, many genuine patients, then will have to suffer.

In over enthusiasm to fail the government or show the loopholes in the preparedness, they have crossed all the limits of humanity. The painful lockdown, which everyone is facing or is suffering in someway or other, is now almost in vain. 

Lockdown was meant to stop movement, and hence stop spreading of virus, no matter whatever conditions. Lockdown was also supposed to happen as soon as possible, leaving no time to prepare.

Anyway, what kind of preparation a country like India can have to have lockdown smooth? 

The answer is none. No method or preparedness can achieve smooth lockdowns. Lockdown itself is painful. Goverments have done their parts by doing lockdown on time. Lockdown done as early as they could have was the key.

Something can be prepared after lockdown too. No body is going to die without food in a day or two. And if they are, to show that and help authorities was media's prime duty, for which they were kept out. They were not kept out to create menace, ruckus or chaos and fail the lockdown altogether.

Locking down India is not about managing an army troop, where everyone is disciplined. It is not about managing a family, a cult or a religious gathering, where everyone will listen and understand the language of the head. It is about managing an economically, socially, mentally and ideologically diverse groups of over 1.3 billion. If you think any planning for this large population is going to be smooth, either you are a fool or naive.

If labourers would have stayed at a place, goverments could have served them better. The role of media could have to let the authorities know about the issues post lockdown. And again role to help them, not create issues for them. Because these are unprecedented times, a world war, not some goverment scheme or stint failures.

The chaos has put these labourers and their families at risk. It has also put hundreds of villages, where they will go, at risk. What kind of help or facilitation media has provided by doing this?

A normal human can stay alive without food for weeks, without water for days, but without breath not even for 5 minutes. Corona hamper breathing. It will be a horrific sight to see millions gasping for breath.

Delhi CM and his goverment have their own share of sins. That is altogether a separate topic for debate. Central government's loopholes can be discussed as well s, But here we will focus on media's nonsense.

This is the time when everyone has to do their bit to save as many lives as we can. The duty of every citizen is to protect each other. Once this pandemic is over, we will have all the time in the world to debate about what could have done better and what not.

Media is the most powerful medium and can serve people. Instead it has endangered the lives of millions. Our media is asking seriously for control. It has not behaved with responsibility and sensibility during crucial hours, forget being reasonable. All we have an exaggerated news topics aligned with the views of the anchors and propaganda of masters. They are crying for controlled media like China.

Before this menace,  India has done almost everything right, including the timely lockdown. If this stunt of media turns into an outbreak of corona cases, the deaths will be on media. And someone has to pay the price.


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