Nepotism or Lobbying?

Sushant Singh's suicide has triggered the nepotism debate in bollywood again. But I have a different view on it. 

There  is as a lot of defence in their favour, if we focus only on nepotism. They can name you quite a few outsiders, who are doing well, Shahrukh Khan is one of them. And many insiders who failed. And hence my view is little different.

I believe, more than nepotism, bollywood's lobbying is what is in action. And which is more harmful for the talents. "Selective Nepotism", we can name it.

By only focusing on nepotism, we also target the talented Akshay Khanna, Hritik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and the likes. And recent victim, mr. Amitabh Bachchan too. The reason Amitabh still survives, is because of his larger than anyone's image.

But don't worry, lobby and politics is at work against Amitabh. You can see, trolls at work on every tweet, every heartfelt messages that he posts. Amitabh is continuously shown in bad light. The news by NDTV after Jayalalitha's deatg, targeted non other than Amitabh. The trolls targeted Amitabh for not giving enough charity after Kerela flood, Corona outbreak.... Despite, he did donated. And has been donating in almost all tragedies and calamities

I will still leave Amitabh, because he is large enough to handle himself despite odds against him.

Here I will take some otger examples, how lobbying and not nepotism is working, by providing insight on career decline on some really great talented star kids, products of nepotism but victims of lobby.

Akshay Khanna, I think was one of the best actors of the industry. He was the best in Dil Chahta Hai, never ever got a big banner movies for quite a while. His career decline cannot be attributed to the flops or his choice of movies. He was still great. Reason could be his father's association with different ideology.

Abhishek Bachchan, Ohh!!! He may be paying the price for Amitabh being his father. You can see a lot of memes, trolls, stating how bad an actor he is.... Yuva, Guru, I think was his work. Bad acting? Well Rajkumar Rao is a talent but looks off in Shimla Mirch... Depends sometimes on director... The lobby tried to prove he is good for nothing actor... But is that right? Is he worst than Sidharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan or Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan? Certainly not. He proved with his skills in Yuva, Guru. Commercially viable movies as well, with Dhoom and Banti aur Babli in the list..... Sudden disappearance from the celluloid is suspicious.

Vivek Oberoi, well I don't know any other star kid, who has started with son much of brilliance as an actor. Company, Sathiya and Yuva. He was revelation, next sensation. Career ended after spat with Salman Khan. 

Neil Nitin Mukesh's movie, I watched few years back. It was an non glamorous role he ever played, and was as brilliant as anyone in the hindi movie industry could be. The movie was available on Netflix (USA). Never heard about it before. But we only know about three names that Neil has, the bright white skin color he has. He acted brilliantly in couple of other movies like Jhonny Gaddar, but the lobby, will Neil never settled in Bollywood. He then turned towards south.

Bobby Deol is marked as useless actor, but guys promoting Salman and Sohail and Arbaz and Karan Johar as actors can't complain about acting skills of Bobby Deol. Can they? Bobby can dance as well. Forget Bobby. What about Abhay Deol? He is the best Deol, in terms of acting. Does he get his dues as an actor? Don't think so.

Rest of the guys, surviving, and not part of the lobby are, outsiders like Akshay Kumar and insiders like Ajay Devgan, who have their own production houses and distribution system.

Sushant, with his death has exposed a lot of filth in the industry. The filth has started stinking now. I firmly believe that the cabal is responsible for the filth. 

The cabal is on work. The Vultures are sitting on the big fat money associated with the industry. And anyone of not their liking won't survive for long.


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