Racism & Reverse Racism

The media is responsible for putting any colors to any incident. Racism do exist. I acknowledge it. But there are other supremacist as well. 

Police issues are basically being power mad, not necessarily racism.

I lived in USA for around 6 years between 2011 to 2017 and I never faced any incident from either cops or white people. Infact, there were two black guys who misbehaved at two different occasions, both the incidents happened in the busiest streets of NYC. 

But since I was an Indian and there were a black Americans, the incidents didn't qualified for racism. Had their skin been white, racism would have come into picture.

When you live in the USA for long, you expect basic decency and civil behaviour from people there, because that is normal in that part of the world, but NYC streets, some cities in New Jersey, Georgia have a lot of uncivilized souls, both white and black and also blood sucking Asians too. But all of them are individuals. Sometimes collection of individuals.

At their airports, you hardly find any difference in behaviour of black cops, white cops or asian looking cops? All of them looks same, behave same, all of them are smile-less, emotion less and talk same, strict and rude sometimes, all of them pose to be tough. I don't attach their behaviour to their skin color. 

There are civilized people and uncivilized people, in every walk of life, including police. There are genuine issues and issues due to hatred. But they are their individual choices, you cannot blame entire department or country for being racist.

USA has as much freedom, that you can mock their president in front of "him" (him because they are yet to elect an  women president in the USA). Try doing it in China or Russia. I never ever faced any discrimination during my stay, neither at work or public places. I worked under all categories possible, white, black, brown and mixed managers. 

The movement to label  every thing as racism is actually not helping to eradicate the problem. The movement mostly project itself as political.

My observation.

It is not the case that there are no police issues in third world like Africa, Asia or Latin America. But it is easier to put a racist colors in USA and Europe, so media does that.

In India, mostly the religious colors are given, because racism won't suit here. If the people from same religion are involved, say hindus, the angle of caste is seeked. If both belong to same religion, sane sect then only it qualifies for genuine case.

Similarly, in China, Chinese suppression of fellow chinese is genuine but non Chinese suppressing Chinese is racism.

Consider this,

China calling virus "American" is not racist, but USA calling back virus as "Chinese" is racism 

In India people openly abusing"Brahmins" has never been looked upon as caste haters, but opposite is not true.

This is reverse racism. And it too exists. We never acknowledge it.


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