Left Extremists and Propaganda

It is a common belief that to be an extremist one must belong to religious groups. This belief is not labile however, this belief is just a belief, not the ultimate truth. 

Left and self proclaimed "liberals" are as extremists as anyone could be. Thou their intent of extremism is different and much more versatile than common religious extremists. The thirst for the blood is no less and ferocity is even higher. If needed, the left extremists won't shy away from joining hands with religious extremists. The only required criteria would be the support to their propaganda.

Extremism is a mindset, where a person or group of people have a belief or set of beliefs and they force their beliefs on others and go to an extent of killing people who won't side with them over those beliefs.

The history books are full of stories of bloodshed by left. From the revolutions ending up in dictatorship or in the garb of revolution killing innocents have been part of left ideology. They are a failed idea but not a failed organization. Their cabal is as active as the rotation of earth. It is there but you won't feel it.

They have been too long inside the education and in the media, the two of the strongest means to narrate any story and hence they have been successfully planting their side of narratives into our minds, cleverly hiding their agenda through wrapping it under "intellectualism".  

In recent times, thou they have been exposed a lot due to easy availablity of counter views and media platforms, which are not controlled by only left.

To counter this threat, left has started using their targets as their weapons. Their targets have been none other than us. So they make us their weapons against ourselves.


    1. Making you ashamed of your social or political choices

    2.Making you ashamed of your religious affiliation, ethnicity, culture

    3.Making you ashamed of your country

    4.Making you ashamed of yourself.

    5.Make you feel you are part of extremists on your peaceful protests and compare it with terrorism.

Why is it done and what is achieved?

So that most of the commoners, in order to look liberal, secular, intellectual, do what left propagandists want them to do.

Low IQ people are easy prey. And that is why you can see a lot of low IQ people condemning more harshly, in order to prove themselves more intellectual. Low IQ people also make a good obedient herd. And when needed these low IQ people form the frontline of offence.

Now, since a large chunk either shy away or get along with the propaganda, it becomes easier for them to spread more efficiently.

Here is the point wise analysis of their pattern, which is more or less applicable to entire world, not just India.

Making you ashamed of your Social or Political choices.

They make you feel ashamed of your social or political choices, if the ethnicity, a leader or a party is not of their choice. They go to an extent to even challenge the basis of democracy. For example look at their narratives towards the voters in USA, India and Britain. They curse voters, as if the voters of these countries have done a sin by electing the leaders of their choice. 

They ignore the explanation of your reasoning for the choices and will force their narrative, as you are the biggest bigot of the world and that you made a choice out of your bigotry mindset.

As if in India you voted for your religion and in USA and Britain for white supremacy. The reason could be completely different. You may have voted for a corruption free government or development in India or to bring back American jobs to Americans. 

If confronted with arguments and logic, they will coin an adjective for you. In response, you also try to match them in name calling. And there they get you and beat you convincingly. Because that is their forte. And they will use your attack, although you did it in self defence, as your intolerance towards "intelligence". 

Making you ashamed of your Religious Affiliation

To make you feel ashamed of your identity, they will push narratives that since you are proud of your ethnicity, culture or country, you are a bigot and lack scientific temperament.

They will extend to vouch for scientific explanations in everything, but if you closely look at their educational backgrounds, they themselves were hardly the students of sciences.   

Religion itself is not science. So it doesn't matter which religion you follow, you follow your faith. The left will mostly not confront the most aggressive religious outfits in democratic countries, because they know the repercussions will be far more than they can take it. 

However, they will keep on testing the patience and tolerance of peace loving citizens. When the tolerance or patience level, of some, breaks and protests happen, they will equate it with a terrorist incident, and will label the protestors extremists immediately. Then the last part, they will start preaching that their is no difference between you and the terrorists. You both are extremists. Your bloodless opposition is equated to that of beheading. And you are appalled by such deceiving adventure, but can't do anything? 

Making you ashamed of your country

Bad incidents happen everywhere because there are both good and bad people living everywhere. But by associating a heinous crime to the identity of country will draw criticism from people who love their country and identity.

This opens a door for these left bigots to make you feel bigot. The "Nationalism" becomes an abuse and nationalists are equated to terrorists. No don't believe me, closely look at the incidents near you and the reporting by left media. Every incident they will narrate through the lens of nationalism, where the criminal will be portrayed nationalist or nationalist will be portrayed criminal, interchangeably.

And then they will pitch in memes and articles and cartoons and jokes around nationalism. Most of us will shy away and will stop using nationalism and hence lose a strong positive support to our narrative.

Making ashamed of yourself

After they made you feel ashamed of your Political choices, your religion, your cultural identity and your nationalism, they will make you ashamed of yourself.

By now a large part of citizens will stop confrontation, so they now make their final assault. On you. They will make you feel ashamed and disgusted.

They condemned the voters of beautiful democracies like the USA and India but will shamelessly ignore the autocratic or dictatorship regimes, like China, Turkey or any Monarchy.

The time is not to be ashamed of your choices and not to fall for their trap. You have decided your Political choices based on your assessment, your acumen, your experiences and your need. You live in democracy and it's you who decides your vote not the self proclaimed intellectuals.

All the political choices available in your democracy are legal choices and no one should bully you for your choices, no one should force their opinion on you.

Be it jobs or glory for locals in USA or agenda of development in India. They will try to associate your reason of choice to a narrative that suits to their agenda. Hence judge your choices on the basis of outcome, results and not what left media narrates. Their stooges are at the high posts of power and often talks against the mass belief. Ignore them.

Don't try to look cool by supporting the agenda of self proclaimed intellectuals. Because the list of these intellectuals includes the likes of Javed Akhtar and Arundhati Roy, who are mere fictional writers. They do not have scientific temperament. They often end up supporting extremists. Their lens cannot be a parameter to judge anyone. 

In elections choose wisely, and most importantly choose your choice.


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