Secular or Something else?

In light of recent controversy around one of the humble most cricketer, and one of tge greatest domestic super stars, Wasim Jaffer, opens a room for open discussions, on some vague and unpleasant topics.

Wasim Jaffer is a great cricketer and controversies around him is a bit of nonsense. It malign the Indian cricket in whole, not just a region.

Similarly, people questioning the slogan of Uttarakhand Cricket association are a bit nonsense too.

The actions of individual should be strictly seen as actions of individuals and not as the action of the communities they belong to ....

The armed forces of India are the most secular organizations of India. But there war cries may sound "non secular" to many.

Remember, the regiments have casteist and regional names, but not the same caste or region people work in those regiments. Maj Unnikrishnan martyred on duty, served in Bihar regiment before joining NSG, hailed from Kerela.

Punjab Regiment: name regional, war cry "Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Shri Akaal". As an Indian, I neither feel Punjab out of India nor the war cry non Indian. If you do so, you are an idiot. Punjab Regiment employs heavily non Punjabis, including officers topping the exams like NDA and CDS.

Madras Regiment: name regional, war cry "Veera Madrassi, Adi Kollu, Adi Kollu".... Ohh wait, Madras regiment has more non madrasi, non tamilian officers, don't they?

Sikh Regiment: Religious name, war cry "Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Shri Akaal". Do we see anything communal or non Indian here? If yes, you should not have the Indian passport at all.

Rajput Regiment: casteist name, war cry, "Bol Bajrangbali ki jai".
Rajputana Rifles: regional name, war cry "Bolo Raja Ramchandra ki jai"

These regiments employ a lot of non Hindus, who follow their war cry, without leaving their respective religions. If you see anything communal, you should be kicked out of India ASAP.

Then we have Jatt, Gorkha, Maratha, Laddakh, Kumaon and many others and most of them have "regional" or "religious" sounding war cry.

Two wrongs won't make it right. Uttarakhand Cricket association is a cricket association and it's slogan is just it's slogan. If you consider it "communal" you will have to destroy the entire India in order to do so. The war cries, the slogans, come from the deep root of that region. "Har Har Mahadev" was a war cry of great Maratha warriors, adopted by Martha regiment. "Jai Ma Kaali" is the identity of Gurkhas, mostly their love and devotion for the deity. You cannot separate Gurkhas and Kaali, so when in Gurkha regiment, you adapt it.

Players of any sport or any team are not there to  perform Satyanarayana pooja or Offer chaadar to a mazaar... These things are their personal life activities.... And hence you dont see any team, from any country, offering any kind of prayers during ongoing matches. Be it Tuesdays, Sundays or Fridays?

The slogans are merely to bring them together. If a section is not able to respect the slogan and find an unwanted angle to it, we may have to change a lot of things.


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