War - Which side are you?

War is not good. Human lives are lost and mostly innocent human lives.

But sometimes it is inevitable. Unprovoked war is wrong, but when provoking crosses limit, war to end the root cause is the best option. And the right one.

Terrorist organisations targetting commoners, irrespective of religion they follow, should not only be condemned but eliminated as well. Especially the terror organizations labelled by international community.

In terms of India's situation with terror. India has lost more lives of its citizens in terror attacks than that in all war combined. War or no war terrorist mindset crave for human corps and their thirst for human blood, keeps them looking for it. They kill more innocent lives than war does. Elimination of such rogue mindset is need.

Terrorist sympathisers are equally terrorists. They are medeival, non-liberals, rogue and not progressive. They are cancer for humanity. 

Now let's see what has Israel's attack on Hamas created.


The most amusing part of the entire incident of Israel going all out against fundamentalist Hamas is, the stupefied left media of west. The support they receive from the fundamentals around the world is lacking now. Why? Few months back, Joe Biden was the blue-eyed old ban of left media, the media which often show Israel in bad light. Joe was a hero, to defeat an allegedly foul mouthed President and since that president had better relationship with other country's state heads, the detractors of those country heads were in support of Joe by default.

Now that the same blue eyed old man has favoured their most hated state, they are flabbergasted. Aren't they?

This war has nothing to do with India. Israel and Palestine both have friendly relations with us. The war between Israel and Palestine is older than the oldest man alive on earth.

So people in India jumping their guns against Israel should behave, as they were asking others to behave during several terror attacks elsewhere. This is a defence act performed by Israel to save it's citizens and territories. We have nothing to do with it.

Instead, India should learn from them.


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