A Demon posing Humane - The left media

The left media, the left leaned media, have always a narrative that is insensitive towards common people. They create sympathy for the terrorists, by showing up the humane angle.

When a convicted terrorist of Parliament Attack was sentenced, they poured in a lot of humane angle of the convicted. They succeeded in creating sympathy.

When the convict of Mumbai blasts was sentenced, media succeeded to create a lot of sympathy. Mind it, the blasts left no people from particular religion safe. They cried injustice,  that too, when final sentence came 22 years later. It was injustice, but towards the victims, who waited for 22 years.

When a terrorist was killed in J&K, the media started showing up the father, family and profession of his father. Reason? To create sympathy. They succeeded to some extent.

Imagine, these mediamen were responsible to set narratives, used to manipulate opinions of public. Including the year 2002.

2002 riots started with a train burning. Killing innocent of any religion, caste, creed or color is wrong. And hence punishing the culprits should also be seen beyond caste, creed and colour. And yes religion too.

Now that there have been 38 culprits are going to be hanged, you will find a lot of people in media, hijacking the issue and try to set their own narratives and agenda.

In their narratives and agenda, the common people died in that massacre would be conveniently forgotten. As it was forgotten after 1984, 1991, 1993, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2008.

But this is the age of social media, where setting one sided narratives are not possible. Many will try to expose the demon within the skins of human and some will succeed.



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