NDTV: Fabulists having Favorites

Lutyens gang, which is crying foul, since 16th May 2014, because of not getting "treatment" that they used to get in earlier governments, had finally went down.

They are projecting it as they are martyrs, apostle of truthfulness and to whom government has crushed with its proximity to a capitalist.

What is the truth?

Truth is, NDTV was given a one hour slot of prime time in doordarshan metro, due to their proximities with people in power, then. The wine and dine culture with journalists were at peak those days and the media was "managed" very smoothly, because there was no opposite voice, strong enough. And if there were any, it was crushed by people in power or by the lutyens media.

NDTV made enough money, because they used to be peddle news, that suited their masters in politics and/or masters sitting outside India (mostly responsible for unrest, conversion and corruption in India).

Due to access to central command of power, NDTV and likes became powerful enough to set the narratives, agendas and act as "moral police" for voters and commoners. They were powerful enough to give verdict on one's conduct, preach moral lessons.

The gang of lutyens were not only powerful enough to peddle news of their choices, they made enough money too. If you look at the "so called" "journalists" of lutyens era, you will find everyone as celibrity. From Pranay Roy, Vinod Dua, Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt from visual media to N. Ram of print media, everyone is filthy rich.

The guys in NDTV were habituated of proximity with power and that is why losing it hurt them more.

What went wrong?

The rise of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have empowered the commoners, the suppressed voices. The sole access to peddle narratives were snatched by these platforms. The alternative voices, accompanied with otherside of logic and versions started flowing in. This has hurt the lutyens most.

You must have listening to the rant against "social media" on MSM (main stream media), especially by lutyens. 

Are the trolls, whom they call trolls, of only one side? 

Answer is No. We have enough people abusing prime minister, people in power and the journalists like Rohit Sardana and Arnab Goswami. These trolls even went ahead to celebrate the death of Mr Sardana. But the lutyens only targetted their opponent trolls. 

Anything having opposite voice as their are labelled immoral, lie and trolling.

Why are the Lutyens scared? 

Because, the absolute power of setting narratives has been lost. Now every person can voice their narratives, opinions on social media. The lies are getting exposed within minutes.

What is NDTV takeover all about?

News is business. NDTV is also a business entity, despite their claim to be neutral, moral, epitome of truth. The fact is, their narratives are no more selling, which is hurting them financially.

Despite their all out campaign as a party spokesperson or as anti of another party, they didn't succeed for two terms.

This has led to financial crunch. Despite the moral support from dying opposition, the source of income from them dried up, because they failed to grab power. Their other sources for income, the advertisement, dried up too. Advertisement comes from viewers count, which went down, because they lost the credibility, not because they were anti government.

Tall claims of morality

If they were so worried of Adani, why did they borrowed money from Adani in the first place? Adanis have not changed. They were working with earlier governments too. They are in business, and openly, unlike NDTV, which claims to be not in business but is.

NDTV, for long failed to establish its credibility back. And social media exposed their bias. They started blaming a particular ideology and ended up blaming the countrymen for exercising their democratic rights as voters. 

Daily venom of theirs on primetime was as toxic as daily screaming of their opponent (read REPUBLIC TV).


Their Lier-In-Chief, Mr Ravish Kumar, will pose himself as "martyr", "suppressed" and what not. However truth is, there have been enough of "fabulists" in NDTV, who peddled one sided narratives.

The fact that they were able to continue peddling their narratives against people in power for 8 long years, proves, that people in power have hardly anything to do with their decline, except disagreeing with their narratives.

It is the people, commoners by large, who have rejected NDTV as source of truth. Despite having problems with the government, despite corruption staying almost at similar levels, people preferred the government's narratives over NDTV's narratives.

It is time for these lutyens to introspect. They failed to read the pulse of people of India (and world), more often than they can afford to.

The "R"s of NDTV are not silenced by a corporate, a businessman or a government. They have been silenced by the commoners.



  1. Very much agree with your opinion. Atlast any news agency is a profit making organization.


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