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Bench Strength is a Strength

Growth is Asymptotic. As an organization, you should never reach the Zenith, because once you reach there, you can only fall. With time, the old zenith should become archaic and the goal should be adjusted to the new zenith. This is important for continuous growth. During high school, we must have learnt the difference between speed and velocity. And also the definition of acceleration. Velocity is steady, in a definite direction, speed is directionless, although the units to measure both of them are same, unit of distance covered in given unit of time. If we use these physics terms into business world, velocity would determine the steady direction of an organization, which has a definite set of goals, whereas organization moving without aim will be synonymous to the speed. Acceleration is synonymous to growth, increase in unit of growth per unit of time, per unit of time. A good velocity with zero acceleration means steady profit every year with no growth. No growth is egregi