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AaryaBhoomi (आर्यभूमि) is an opinion sharing page, opinions based on current affairs, political, apolitical, stories, environment and civic awareness. The intent of the page is to provide a different perspective, a view, which may be ignored by agenda driven main stream media and agenda driven intellectuals.

The other three sections of AaryaBhoomi are travel blog, food blog and poetry sharing blog. The travel section, Batohi or बटोही, talks about the road trips of the authors, the challenges, experiences. The food blog, Patravali or पत्रावली, is an attempt of a food connoisseur, to share healthy and innovative food recipes. The poetry blog, Antarman or अंतर्मन, is a collection of poetries. 

Batohi is a Hindi word, meaning traveler, Patravali, a Sanskrit inspired word, means food plate made of leaves. Antarman is another Sanskrit/hindi word, which refers to the inner voice. AaryaBhoomi, means, the land of gentlemen also referred as Arya in Indian languages.

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AaryaBhoomi does not collect, save, use or share any personal or sensitive information. Request you to not to disclose any information which is sensitive or personal in nature.

Disclaimer:This is not a political page, not aligned to any of the political parties. The page supports no ideologies. All the opinions and views expressed are of author/authors.

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