My Golden Days ...

The hostel life is memorable for everyone. The freedom, the responsibility and need to standup for yourself, makes you better equipped to take on the world. I’ve been lucky to spend my last few years of studies in hostels and that too in the best ones available in India, the BIT Mesra Hostels. The abode for exuberant individuals, all amazing, different from each other. Few of my best friends are my hostel mates. The hostels in BIT gives you the feel of a glorified prison sometimes. The reason being, its distance from the city and outside world. The seclusion does helps you get along with the other prison mates well. During my stay in BIT, there were no mobile data and mobile internet. Orkut was yet to become a hit and Facebook was yet to be conceptualized. Sports, meals-together, interaction sessions, quizzes, studies, chit-chats kept us involved. Luckily, those days were less virtual. Even computer games needed physical presence of the opponents, barring some, with their networki

न्याय या अन्याय?

जिस देश में एक बड़ा वर्ग शिक्षा से वंचित है, उस देश में कानून का पेंचीदा होना और उससे भी ऊपर कानूनी आदेशों का कानून से भी अधिक पेंचीदा होना अन्याय है। सामान्य कानून सरल क्यों नही हैं? कितने ही मामलों में पेंचीदगी की जरूरत नहीं। कानूनी आदेश स्पष्ट और सरल क्यों नहीं होते? क्यों किसी आदेश को समझने के लिए विशेषज्ञों की एक पूरी टोली चाहिए होती है? अगर किसी भी कानून की व्याख्या अलग अलग विशेषज्ञ अलग अलग करें तो समस्या व्याख्या में नही, कानून में है। और अगर किसी आदेश की व्याख्या भी अलग अलग हो सके, फिर न्यायधीश ही समस्या हैं। न्यायालयों और न्यायधीशों के सामने बेगुनाह आम जनता डरी सहमी रहती है और कानूनी पेंचीदगियों के जानकार गुनहगार विश्वस्त और आश्वस्त। ये स्थिति सड़ी हुई न्याय व्यवस्था और शक्ति के मद में चूर न्याय के पुरोधाओं के कारण है। अगर भारत किसी एक व्यवस्था में सबसे ज्यादा विफल रहा है, किसी भी एक क्षेत्र में, तो वह न्याय व्यवस्था ही है। न्याय का न मिलना या अत्यधिक देर से मिलना या जटिल न्यायिक प्रक्रिया या न्यायिक प्रक्रिया का दुरुपयोग होना, ये आम बात है। क्या न्यायधीशों ने अपनी न्याय व्यवस

NDTV: Fabulists having Favorites

Lutyens gang, which is crying foul, since 16th May 2014, because of not getting "treatment" that they used to get in earlier governments, had finally went down. They are projecting it as they are martyrs, apostle of truthfulness and to whom government has crushed with its proximity to a capitalist. What is the truth? Truth is, NDTV was given a one hour slot of prime time in doordarshan metro, due to their proximities with people in power, then. The wine and dine culture with journalists were at peak those days and the media was "managed" very smoothly, because there was no opposite voice, strong enough. And if there were any, it was crushed by people in power or by the lutyens media. NDTV made enough money, because they used to be peddle news, that suited their masters in politics and/or masters sitting outside India (mostly responsible for unrest, conversion and corruption in India). Due to access to central command of power, NDTV and likes became power

A Demon posing Humane - The left media

The left media, the left leaned media, have always a narrative that is insensitive towards common people. They create sympathy for the terrorists, by showing up the humane angle. When a convicted terrorist of Parliament Attack was sentenced, they poured in a lot of humane angle of the convicted. They succeeded in creating sympathy. When the convict of Mumbai blasts was sentenced, media succeeded to create a lot of sympathy. Mind it, the blasts left no people from particular religion safe. They cried injustice,  that too, when final sentence came 22 years later. It was injustice, but towards the victims, who waited for 22 years. When a terrorist was killed in J&K, the media started showing up the father, family and profession of his father. Reason? To create sympathy. They succeeded to some extent. Imagine, these mediamen were responsible to set narratives, used to manipulate opinions of public. Including the year 2002. 2002 riots started with a train burning. Killing innocent

War - Which side are you?

War is not good. Human lives are lost and mostly innocent human lives. But sometimes it is inevitable. Unprovoked war is wrong, but when provoking crosses limit, war to end the root cause is the best option. And the right one. Terrorist organisations targetting commoners, irrespective of religion they follow, should not only be condemned but eliminated as well. Especially the terror organizations labelled by international community. In terms of India's situation with terror. India has lost more lives of its citizens in terror attacks than that in all war combined. War or no war terrorist mindset crave for human corps and their thirst for human blood, keeps them looking for it. They kill more innocent lives than war does. Elimination of such rogue mindset is need. Terrorist sympathisers are equally terrorists. They are medeival, non-liberals, rogue and not progressive. They are cancer for humanity.  Now let's see what has Israel's attack on Hamas created. LeftMed

Secular or Something else?

In light of recent controversy around one of the humble most cricketer, and one of tge greatest domestic super stars, Wasim Jaffer, opens a room for open discussions, on some vague and unpleasant topics. Wasim Jaffer is a great cricketer and controversies around him is a bit of nonsense. It malign the Indian cricket in whole, not just a region. Similarly, people questioning the slogan of Uttarakhand Cricket association are a bit nonsense too. The actions of individual should be strictly seen as actions of individuals and not as the action of the communities they belong to .... The armed forces of India are the most secular organizations of India. But there war cries may sound "non secular" to many. Remember, the regiments have casteist and regional names, but not the same caste or region people work in those regiments. Maj Unnikrishnan martyred on duty, served in Bihar regiment before joining NSG, hailed from Kerela. Punjab Regiment: name regional, war cry "Jo Bole

Left Extremists and Propaganda

It is a common belief that to be an extremist one must belong to religious groups. This belief is not labile however, this belief is just a belief, not the ultimate truth.  Left and self proclaimed "liberals" are as extremists as anyone could be. Thou their intent of extremism is different and much more versatile than common religious extremists. The thirst for the blood is no less and ferocity is even higher. If needed, the left extremists won't shy away from joining hands with religious extremists. The only required criteria would be the support to their propaganda. Extremism is a mindset, where a person or group of people have a belief or set of beliefs and they force their beliefs on others and go to an extent of killing people who won't side with them over those beliefs. The history books are full of stories of bloodshed by left. From the revolutions ending up in dictatorship or in the garb of revolution killing innocents have been part of left ideology. They are

Prevention of Demographic Changes: A concept against equality

I have been wondering about what demographics changes mean. It seems to me the most insulting thing on humanity. Over the period, since evolution of man kind, the species named homo sapiens have been traveling and settling to places. The current demographics does not mean they belong to the land. Rest of the man made segregations like caste, religion are very new. Mankind, with its quest for knowledge and conquest of land and power, have nomadic approach since long. And nothing has changed. The people from regions, where people cry about Demographic Changes in their places and are not from untouched tribal belts, should immediately be barred from everywhere in the world. Demographics changes everywhere, what's so special about you? If demographics are so important, stay at your place and cut yourself off from rest of the world. PERIOD. Sentinelese people from Andaman and Nicobar are proper example of protecting their demographics. The argument is, the outsiders will ruin the pla

Nepotism or Lobbying?

Sushant Singh 's suicide has triggered the nepotism debate in bollywood again. But I have a different view on it.  There  is as a lot of defence in their favour, if we focus only on nepotism. They can name you quite a few outsiders, who are doing well, Shahrukh Khan is one of them. And many insiders who failed. And hence my view is little different. I believe, more than nepotism, bollywood's lobbying is what is in action. And which is more harmful for the talents. "Selective Nepotism", we can name it. By only focusing on nepotism, we also target the talented Akshay Khanna, Hritik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and the likes. And recent victim, mr. Amitabh Bachchan too. The reason Amitabh still survives, is because of his larger than anyone's image. But don't worry, lobby and politics is at work against Amitabh. You can see, trolls at work on every tweet, every heartfelt messages that he posts. Amitabh is continuously shown in bad light. The news by NDTV after Jayalali


किसी भी महामारी को ना फैलने देने की जिम्मेदारी जनता पर होती है। ये महामारी लोगों से लोगों में फैलती है, तो जिम्मेदारी भी लोगों की ही है। विशेषज्ञ भी यही सलाह देते हैं। सरकारें उन्हीं सलाहों पर अमल करती हैं। ऐसे समय में त्वरित निर्णय लिए जाते हैं, जो सही गलत की कसौटी पर नहीं कसे का सकते, क्यूंकि सही गलत के लिए पूर्व में ऐसी समस्याओं का ज्ञान होना चाहिए। तो सरकारें, दूसरे देशों की, दूसरे प्रांतों की दशा देख कर उचित निर्णय लेती है। यहां व्यावहारिकता और छोटी मोटी असहजता को पैमाने पर नहीं रखा जा सकता, क्यूंकि निर्णय त्वरित होता है, विशेषज्ञों पर भरोसे के आधार पर होता है। किन्तु, सरकारें और प्रशासन आपको केवल दिशा निर्देश दे सकते हैं, कुछ पाबंदियां लगा सकते हैं। इससे ज्यादा वो कुछ खास कर नहीं सकते, खासकर तब जब बीमारी का इलाज मौजूद ना हो। लगभग सभी देशों ने पाबंदियां लगाईं और दिशा निर्देश दिए। मगर वही देश पूर्णतः या अंशतः सफल रहे जहां की जनता कम मूर्ख थी। हमारे लिए बहुत आसान है किसी मुख्यमंत्री या प्रधानमंत्री या राष्ट्रपति पर दोष मढ़ देना, मगर हम ये भूल जाते हैं, सत्ता में बैठे लोग अपने स

Racism & Reverse Racism

The media is responsible for putting any colors to any incident. Racism do exist. I acknowledge it. But there are other supremacist as well.  Police issues are basically being power mad, not necessarily racism. I lived in USA for around 6 years between 2011 to 2017 and I never faced any incident from either cops or white people. Infact, there were two black guys who misbehaved at two different occasions, both the incidents happened in the busiest streets of NYC.  But since I was an Indian and there were a black Americans, the incidents didn't qualified for racism. Had their skin been white, racism would have come into picture. When you live in the USA for long, you expect basic decency and civil behaviour from people there, because that is normal in that part of the world, but NYC streets, some cities in New Jersey, Georgia have a lot of uncivilized souls, both white and black and also blood sucking Asians too. But all of them are individuals. Sometimes collection of individuals. A


ब्राह्मण, सामाजिक न्याय के दौर का सबसे अभिशप्त शब्द। भारतीय परिवेश में सामाजिक न्याय ठीक वैसे ही दूषित है जैसा धर्मनिरपेक्षता। और इन दूषित शब्दों के बीच फंसा है ब्राह्मण। ब्राह्मण, जिन्हें धर्मनिरपेक्षता और सामाजिक न्याय, दोनों का ही दोषी माना गया है। मैं जातिवाद का धुरविरोधी हूं, किन्तु जब तक मेरे देश के सरकारी प्रपत्रों में जाति का कॉलम रहेगा, जातिवाद भी जीवित रहेगा। आजादी के ७३ सालों के बाद भी अगर सामाजिक न्याय राजनैतिक मुद्दा बना रहे तो वह सामाजिक न्याय रास्ता भटक चुका है। सामाजिक न्याय के अनेकानेक पुरोधा स्वयं सामर्थ्यवान हो चुके हैं और अपनी कई पुश्तों के लिए पूंजी जोड़ चुके हैं। अब बात न्याय की करते हैं। न्याय आप किस से और कब लेते हैं? अगर एक समुदाय के एक व्यक्ति का कोई दोष हो तो क्या आप उस समुदाय को दोषी मानते हैं? नहीं ना। तो फिर कुछ पीढ़ियां पहले दिए गए त्रास के लिए आज की पीढ़ी के लोगों से बदला कैसा? सामाजिक बुराइयों के लिए ब्राह्मणों को अक्सर दोष दिया जाता है। कुछ हद तक ठीक भी है। क्यूंकि छुआछूत जैसी भ्रांतियां अभी भी देश में है। मगर छुआछूत अब शहरों में, विद्यालयों और संस्थान

Misplaced Morality

We Indians are emotional and our memories are short lived. This makes us a dangerous combination. The lynching and outrageous mindset are result of the high sentiments and low rational thinking. COVID19 has brought the entire world to its knees. India too has it's fair share of issues. In fact, despite the quick decision making government and supporting citizens, due to versatile economic backgrounds and sheer population, some of us, especially poor, started suffering.  However, this also exposed certain weak spots of us as society. We have been honing our morality at the wrong place and on wrong things. In past also we have misplaced our morality on several occasions. We have glamorized suicide and failed to highlight that suicide, end of the day, is a crime. We failed to highlight that false allegations of sexual offences on men are immoral too. We failed to highlight lack of basic discipline as common citizens, when we question administration on failure to control violence, inst

प्रश्नों के प्रश्न - अहिंसा गांधीजी की

भारत में पुनः आजादी १९४७ में आयी। पुनः इसलिए, क्यूंकि अंग्रेज़ो की गुलामी से पहले तो हम आजाद ही थे। तो १९४७ की आज़ादी पुनः शब्द के साथ ही ठीक रहेगा। हमसे ये भी कहा गया कि ये वाली आजादी चरखे से, अहिंसा से आयी। हम तो थे नहीं, इतिहासकारों ने जो बताया हमने मान लिया। क्यूंकि भारत में तब भी राजशाही ही थी, तो एक राजा के बाद दूसरे राजा की पराधीनता हम स्वीकार कर लेते थे। सो नए राजा, जो लोकतंत्र के छद्म रूप में थे, हमने स्वीकार कर लिया। गांधीजी लोकतंत्र में स्वयं भले विश्वास करते हों, उनके कु-भक्त बिल्कुल नहीं करते थे। और गांधीजी के कुभक्त गांधीजी के सिद्धांतों का अनादर अनवरत करते रहे। सुभाष चन्द्र बोस के कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष चुने जाने और त्यागपत्र दिए जाने की घटना कांग्रेस के लोकतंत्र को उजागर करती है। चुनाव होगा, उनका प्रत्याशी जीतेगा तभी वह वैध होगा। उनका यह कुचक्र आज भी अनवरत चलता जा रहा है। रही सही कसर वामपंथ ने पूरी कर दी। बामपंथ का शिक्षा पर प्रभाव रहा है। अपने इस प्रभाव को उन्होंने इतिहास को तोड़ने मड़ोड़ने के लिए प्रयोग किया है। इतिहास में एक वर्ग विशेष को बेहतर

Has Indian Media Repeated 26/11?

Has the Indian media repeated the mistake done during 26/11? By letting enthusiasm take over sense, yes. They were unapologetic about 26/11 reporting, endangering several lives, eventually responsible for many deaths. The over enthusiasm of low quality Indian media, were enthusiastic to show some migrants worker, basically unaware of the situation, just to score some brownie points. Instead of educating them and making them aware, they used them as a bait to attract more and more such people. The media was kept outside lockdown for a reason.  It failed to understand it.  Being an idiot cannot be an excuse for putting several lives in danger. They have created a situation, where the number of patients may overrun isolation beds. Because of the patients created by this harakiri, many genuine patients, then will have to suffer. In over enthusiasm to fail the government or show the loopholes in the preparedness, they have crossed all the limits of humani

Chronology, COVID-19 and Racism Debate

We are living in the world of media age. Media, which is no more incident, fact or news driven, but a tool to propagate narratives.  Left is still the most prominent ideology and owns the largest media houses across the world. Left ideology also deny national borders. Theoretically, ideologies denying national borders are great, but it comes with the price of national interests. With very few left leaned regimes left, the chances of interests of majority of the population overlooked is more. Also, most of the left regimes have imposed checks on free media. China being no exception. The brotherhood of left ideology help each other in every way in every part of the world. The left hegemony debunk any other narratives or counter views, labelling them as negative. Now look at the below chronology, the narrative twists from anti regime to pro racism, giving almost clean chit to the country, which killed the whistle blower, hid the details about world pandemic and blocking the

Fundamental Rights and the Posters of Hooligans

High court has asked the UP state government to take down the posters of hooligans, declaring it undemocratic. Mind it, they have referred them as anti-CAA protestors and not hooligans involved in vandalism. The court has declared that the law of laws cannot take away their rights to protest. The idea of court is very noble and idealistic. However, the same court often fail to protect the commoner's fundamental rights. And also the safety and security of masses. In this case also, the vandalism has caused inconvenience to masses, instilled fear in them, put extra burden on tax payers. What about the fundamental rights of those, civilized citizens? Coming to the naming and shaming of the hooligans. The orders were given to put posters after initial investigation and by orders of magistrates. This is normal process, if the crime accused won't surrender.  Guilty or not guilty are proven in the courts later. The posters can defame the person locally. What about ne

Economic Issues - Are we barking up the wrong tree?

We have the habit of barking up the wrong tree.We are habituated of blaming molested and not the molester.We blame police to not control the riots, but hardly the rioters.We blame the lawyers for delaying the justice, but not the judiciary. So that's in our blood. Yes, we do bark up the wrong tree. Consider this, If economic policies were bad for the banks, how come ICICI, HDFC Axis, or SBI flourished? How the customer loan rates went down? Home and Car loans between 8 to 9 percent and personal loan between 10 to 12 percent? Why the fiscal deficit is low and how is the depreciation of INR in check? Why the food inflation the lowest post independence? Secondly, Why should a government be blamed for the financial stunts carried over by the ambitious business owners? I believe, by reducing the number of months for being a loan turning NPA from 24 to 18 and then to just 3, RBI is regulating the banks. This step will definitely make the NPA figures rise, but weren

Pathak Chacha

Born with a natural smile, a God's gift, Pathak Chacha was one of the beautiful human being, I came across. The cleft lip, a disorder since his birth, always attracted people, definitely for wrong reasons. I must confess, I too noticed it first and found it weird, but I was a kid then. But that weirdness went away as we came to know him more. Pathak Chacha, often visited our place during morning tea, to the discomfort of the people living around us, the neighbors, who considered him a bad omen, if sighted during morning. Weird, as he was also the creation of the same God, they believed in. Anyway, we enjoyed his light hearted interactions of 15 or 20 minutes of short stays during his morning walk break at our place. For others, he may was a bad start of the day, for us, his visit used to bring morning joy. Pathak Chacha, was a colleague of my father. Born in a family with humble financial background, he achieved a lot he could. He joined the Education Department Engin

The Kashmiris I met

Kashmir, the name referred to the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, is heaven on the earth. It indeed is. One of my dream destinations, these days it is in news due to political reasons. Last few decades it has been in news for terrorism, exodus, army camps, wars, tough life and all negatives. Once a destination for film makers is now destination for news makers. This story is about my Interaction with two Kashmiris. Mukhtar and Reyaz, who used to come every season, used to bring Kashmiri shawls and used to stay entire winter. It was late 1990s. I had approvals from my father to play cricket in local clubs. I was playing in a club which largely stayed in a ghetto. And the Kashmiris coming to my town find it more comfortable to stay there. In one of those seasons, two Kashmiris joined our team. They used to come to practice after end of their business hours. They added spark to our team, we acknowledge by sacrificing our places in playing eleven whenever they accompan