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Left Extremists and Propaganda

It is a common belief that to be an extremist one must belong to religious groups. This belief is not labile however, this belief is just a belief, not the ultimate truth.  Left and self proclaimed "liberals" are as extremists as anyone could be. Thou their intent of extremism is different and much more versatile than common religious extremists. The thirst for the blood is no less and ferocity is even higher. If needed, the left extremists won't shy away from joining hands with religious extremists. The only required criteria would be the support to their propaganda. Extremism is a mindset, where a person or group of people have a belief or set of beliefs and they force their beliefs on others and go to an extent of killing people who won't side with them over those beliefs. The history books are full of stories of bloodshed by left. From the revolutions ending up in dictatorship or in the garb of revolution killing innocents have been part of left ideology. They are