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NDTV: Fabulists having Favorites

Lutyens gang, which is crying foul, since 16th May 2014, because of not getting "treatment" that they used to get in earlier governments, had finally went down. They are projecting it as they are martyrs, apostle of truthfulness and to whom government has crushed with its proximity to a capitalist. What is the truth? Truth is, NDTV was given a one hour slot of prime time in doordarshan metro, due to their proximities with people in power, then. The wine and dine culture with journalists were at peak those days and the media was "managed" very smoothly, because there was no opposite voice, strong enough. And if there were any, it was crushed by people in power or by the lutyens media. NDTV made enough money, because they used to be peddle news, that suited their masters in politics and/or masters sitting outside India (mostly responsible for unrest, conversion and corruption in India). Due to access to central command of power, NDTV and likes became power