A symbol so true

Bihar was in dark age during 1990s and early 2000s. You have to depend on lantern, because even to charge your inverters, you need few hours of electricity. And those days, even inverters were not in reach of common people. The one leader responsible for forcing the usage of Lantern to the fullest, made it the symbol of his party, when he formed RJD.

The people of Bihar, voted the same RJD to power in 2015, when RJD emerged as the largest party. Again, they used the same lantern as their symbol. This does not show, how shrewd Lalu and his heirs were, it shows, how pathetically idiots, we the people of Bihar are.

Lalu and his heirs, till today mock the very people of Bihar, whom they ruled for 15+ years. They mock it through their symbol, Lantern.


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