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Thank you Mr. Bond

Penning your thoughts down erratically and to write a best seller are two poles apart aspects of writing. I have never been a good reader at all. Little interest I’ve developed in reading, was few years back, when I read some Satyajeet Ray’s work. It was a short “Detective Novel” and then I read “Anne Frank’s Diary”. Both were different. Former was interesting and a fiction novel whereas the other was just the pages from the diary of a young girl. The later changed my view towards the books, thou after that I’ve scarcely read anything in that category. Afterwards I read few more. Then I got the collection of short stories of Ruskin Bond, which one of the kids from my family gave me. It was almost for 3 months unread with me, kept safe on my bedside table. One day I decided to return the book, without a single page turned. I don’t know why but I placed it back, where it was. Next day I started reading it. Since, it was divided into chapters and the stories were not related to each