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The Departure

"You have to be strong", she tried to console me. "Isn't there any other way?", I asked, struggling hard to control my emotions. "No. I have to do it. Do it for my parents", she paused. "I know it is unfair, but I can be fair to only one side. I chose to be unfair to you." She was firm. I remained shocked, my hands shaking, and barely able to hold my phone to the ears. "Promise me, you'll not spoil your life for me" she commanded, as if she still owns me, despite the news she just broke. I nodded, thou I don't remember if I uttered anything verbally. It was a long and deafening silence, occassionally interrupted by couple of words, which meant nothing at that moment. I cried and felt she was crying too.  My phone was continuously getting calls from my friends, I was supposed to leave for a party with them.  But here I was, over the phone, alone in the apartment of four, struggling to be on m