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The Pumpkin Bheeshma

Pumpkin is a popular edible in our native. No feast is complete without this glorious saffron coloured cultivar. But this story is not about Pumpkin, the food. Neither is the story about Pumpkin of the Halloween of the west. This story is about the horrific incident, the innocent  member  of squash family suffered through the hands of two notorious kids. In 90s, the most popular TV serials of India, Ramayan and Mahabharata, inspired us to make bows and arrows, during our summer visit to our native village. Inspired by the fancy Bows, I and my younger brother made two marvelous bows, using bamboo sticks, laced out by beautiful borders of my grand mother's old sarees. They were great, but nothing without arrows. In junk section of our large house, we found the blind made of slim bamboo stick. It took no time for two of us to convert the sticks to dozens of arrows and completely destroy the "state of art" blind. Now that we have bows and arrows, we needed a target.