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India, Gandhi and Dissent

India is the land of seekers, the land of debates, the land of truth. In India, even the Gods and their acts are allowed to be questioned. Indian heritage teaches us to appreciate the fiercest of enemies, find good in the most evil souls and punish our very own, if needed. Nothing, literally nothing is too sacred in Indian philosophy, which cannot be questioned or debated. Ironically, India has stopped questioning, if not questioning, then perhaps questioning the right people and with right perspective. We have started following the mediaeval foreign practices, of making people and things related to them sacred and unquestionable. We made them so sacred, that the sacredness suffocates the very essence and existence of theirs. Gandhi is probably the greatest son, respected more than anyone in the modern history of India. Gandhi is inspiration, Gandhi is sacred. But what makes Gandhi, a Mahatma? Gandhi in his several writings has mentioned about the weaknesses he had, the

The Richest Poor Lady - Goitha Wali

Life is beautiful. We don't need a raison d'etre to live. We live and life finds a reason for it. You may touch many lives, without being wealthy or educated or social. The story is about a wealthy lady, whose wealth cannot be determined by just monetary parameters. My mother is a kind hearted person, one of the reasons, our home used to be a shelter for a lot of old aged women at different times. Some of them were annoying to us, but we, the family, respectfully accepted my mother's concordat with herself, to have her kind of social duty. One such old lady, became part of our daily lives for few years, when we used to live in a rented accommodation. This old lady was a domestic help for our home owners. She was respected and loved in that family. The kind act of my mother, slowly made her part of our lives too. In her early days, the lady used to sell "Goitha", the cow dung cakes, which earned her the nickname "Goitha Wali", meaning, the one wh