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The New Arrival

Life cannot be understood in one life. I was in a new place, new city with several new people. Allocated to a new project, where the location was as gloomy as it can be, but co-workers were good to keep me going. It was a hard time, after the loss, nowadays termed as breakup. It was a departure, as I never ever broke up, neither did she. Yahoo Messenger, chain mails were in full swing those days. Orkut was, what facebook is today. I was struggling to keep myself busy and disconnected with myself. I got habituated of talking, chatting, surfing. Internet was costly, but office net was not. Friends, all of them seems to be busy, except when partying. I often felt alone in the apartment, where four friends stayed together. Then as I said earlier, life cannot be understood in one life. I got habituated of talking to one girl, a completely one sided one. She has time to chat, and that was enough for me as others were too busy. Also talking to strangers, sometimes sav

Tales of two rainy nights

Deja vu My life took me to a city called Noida, which is rain deprived. Howbeit, today the nature was generous on the desert city, it was raining like there is no tomorrow. It was Friday and I had some weekend commitments in New Delhi, so I decided to leave early. It was raining since morning, the otherwise bright and hot Noida was looking gloomy, wet and cooler. At 4:30 evening, it was as dark or as bright as 4:30 AM. The issue with almost all the metro cities or for that matter all the cities in India is, that they are not able to or prepared to handle rains. It happens in the city of Mumbai, where rainfall is generous and a day or two dry days during the monsoon months are Golden or in NCR, where a day or two of rain in the monsoon season are little two much. Traffics have another connection to rains. Come the rains, you will have immediate traffic jams. God knows why. I kept on moving towards Delhi, avoiding all the big jams until I reached just near the coveted DND flyover