The sporting Heroes of India - #1 Sunil Gavaskar (Cricket)

India does not have a dominating sporting history till 1980s. Apart from the Field Hockey Super Star, Major Dhyan Chand, India mostly struggled to produce real sporting icons. Cricket, which became one of the most prominent and popular sports of India, was just coming out of being a royal game, under Wadekar. But dominance was still a far fetched thought.

However, the landscape of the Indian cricket was about to change. A 5'4" tall, or rather short young man, from a middle class family, came in. He went on to become the most successful Cricket Opening batsman of the history of cricket, that too, without a formidable partner at the other end. Fondly remembered as Little Master, who refused to succumb against the bias and discrimination forced on third world nations, a norm those days. He, in a way, infused the self-confidence and self-esteem in the team. The Indian teams till then, used to get dominated and being defeated unceremoniously.

We, the generation now, have mostly seen him giving his views on the game as commentator or expert, hence we tend to compare him and put him in the same league as other non-cricketing experts. Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, is one of those few, who has equally illustrious career in more than one field.

Gavaskar is not an ordinary expert, as we may perceive. He is one of the most knowledgeable cricket expert in the commentary box. Also, he is not shy of supporting the Indian cricket. He was one of the first few office bearers of National Cricket Academy, which is now responsible for bettering facilities, sporting talent and quality of Indian Cricket.

During his days as a player, Gavaskar was courageous. An era, when there were no helmets, West Indies, Australia and England were having some of the quickest bowlers. Especially the dangerous pace battery of West Indies. His infamous walk-off the field in Australia, against the bias of Australian Umpire, showed his aggressive side. Today's Indian cricket, which is respected around the world, Gavaskar is one of the reasons. He was the first formidable response as an Indian batsman to the world of pace. He earned respect, not only of the teammates, but also of the opposition.

Gavaskar, till date is the most respected outsider in the west-indies, because of his brilliant and fearless performances against the pace-battery of West Indies, without helmet.

He is often criticized for his defensive captaincy. But the era, when India used to have one genuine fast bowler, one opener and one middle order batsman, to deal with, Gavaskar's approach to save match was phenomenal. The man behind the highest chase, cannot be termed as defensive. He was also first one to cross 10000 runs in test cricket, did hold the highest numbers of centuries for a long time. But numbers can never reflect the true value of Gavaskar.

A role model for many cricketers of yesteryears, a batting legend, a hero for star strived nation, Sunil Gavaskar, is one of the architects of the Indian Cricket.


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